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OEM light bulb and fixture manufacturing


Are you looking for Custom LED lighting products? Lumenstar can help with our wide product selection, or if you have a niche product that you can't find in the market, we can help you design your own custom LED fixture or bulb.  We have over 10 years of experience specializing in the Designing, Engineering and Manufacturing of LED products for specialty applications. As your OEM partner Lumenstar can handle; design, prototype and manufacturing as well as full color packaging and door to door service. We pride ourselves in finding solutions for our clients.  

We also have close relationships with printing and packaging companies that can assemble your new product into POP or clamshell packaging. 


When designing an OEM product this opens the door to your creativity and knowledge of LED lighting and allows you the opportunity to choose every aspect of your new product including but not limited to:

  • Voltage requirements - 12V / 24V - 120V / 240V
  • LED light angle
  • Brand of LED chip
  • Optic and cover options - Frosted/ Clear
  • Color temperature
  • Custom wiring harness
  • Exterior Color
  • Indoor or outdoor rated

Lumenstar LED OEM and ODM Manufacturing

Brief History:

Lumenstar LED Lighting Inc. Manufacturing roots began is South Asia in the Year 2001 and then opened the North American R&D and Sales office in the year 2007 out of Vancouver, BC Canada to focus on North American needs and certifications.

As of 2017, our team of almost 100 employees, strongly focus on Engineering, Research & Development, Quality Control, Product Design, Sales & Marketing and Production Assembly.

We have our own In-house Injection mold & tooling Department for quick Prototype and production.  We also build wire harness systems to our customer’s specification.  Customization is our specialty, we take pride in providing competitive solutions for our customers.

OEM and ODM Passion:

Our core competencies include working with OEM’s to manufacture LED lighting products to enhance their offering.  We also work with Private Label companies.

Innovation is a focus in this rapidly changing market, with our innovative attitude and strong R&D abilities, we now have 33 patents.

Certifications of compliance for European and North American markets are an essential role in our ability to help our customers get to market faster.


We’re able to provide competitive solutions for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), by designing custom LED circuits for unique needs, including panel indicators, LEDs with specific wire harness and assembly attributes, LED Modules and custom Boards needed for specialty applications.


Don’t hesitate to contact Lumenstar to discuss your OEM and Private Label LED requirements, we take pride in providing high quality solutions for our clients.

We urge you to Contact us at our Sales office in Coquitlam, BC just outside Vancouver, BC Canada. Please note that our Private Label and OEM designs are shipped direct to you from our LED Factory based in China.


If you have any questions or comments or require additional information Contact us directly.